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14/08/2015 – 14/08/2015


Get your business ahead and get more discounts with the latest Cisco Promotions. Contact your Comstor account manager for any details or questions.

Network as a Sensor Promotion

Identify eligible Cisco Catalyst switching bundles In Cisco Commerce Workspace.
Select and configure specific switches for your order.
Add at least 500 Lancope Stealthwatch licenses to your order.
Submit your deal to earn an additional 10% on eligible products.

Productos participantes:
  • Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches 
  • Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches 
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 
  • Lancope Stealthwatch Solution

Vigencia: 30 julio, 2016

Certificación mínima del partner: Registered



10 Gb Catalyst Bundles Promotion

Accelerate 1 to 10 Gigabit migration with new 10 Gb Cisco Catalyst bundles priced at parity with 1 Gigabit.

There are strong technology reasons to migrate to 10 Gigabit, including Gigabit wireless connectivity (802.11ac), bring your own device (BYOD), and the Internet of Things (IoT), which demand higher bandwidth.

There are stronger economic reasons to move to 10 Gb. 802.11ac access points are already priced comparably to 802.11n access points. To accelerate the transition to 10 Gigabits in campus access and backbone networks, Cisco is introducing five new 10 Gb Catalyst switching bundles (10 Gb backbone plus access switches with 10 Gb uplinks) that give customers:

10 Gigabit solutions at 1 Gigabit pricing (Small Form-factor Pluggable plus optics included)
500 to 2000 access port flexibility with full backbone redundancy
This promotion can be stacked with the TMP and Unified Access Breakaway (UAB) promotions for greater rewards. Cisco has a differentiated portfolio and very aggressive promotions. The timing is perfect to make the 1 to 10 Gigabit transition.

Vigencia: 30 julio, 2016

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 Just Switch It - Technology Migration Program - TMP

The Technology Migration Program (TMP) helps partners sell the latest and highly
differentiated Cisco products, many of which have price parity with earlier-generation products.
TMP partners engage in consultative selling, advising customers on how to address current
technology trends to meet current and future business needs.

This TMP promotion encourages businesses to migrate to the newest Cisco switches, wireless,
and access router products.

Innovate and grow by adopting the newest technologies
Address bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and mobility needs
Simplify the network for business agility and scalability

Vigencia: 30 julio, 2016

Certificación mínima del partner: All Cisco partners enrolled in the Technology Migration Program


Unified Access Wired-Wireless 5 Access Point, 50 Port Offer

Three new Unified Access bundles are available to sell wired and wireless together for smaller

The bundles include 5 access points and 50 ports. You also have the option to purchase the
StealthWatch System at a significant discount.

Build a complete, high-availability wireless solution optimized for smaller businesses and branch offices
at a great price.

Productos participantes:

  • Cisco ONE Catalyst 2960X, 3650, 3850 (also available in non- SKUs)

  • Cisco ONE Wireless LAN Controller 2504 (also available in non-C1 SKUs)

  • Cisco Aironet 1700, 1850, 2700, 3700 Series Access Points

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Mobility Express Bundle

The Mobility Express Bundle is a full-featured enterprise solution for small to medium Wi-Fi
deployments of up to 25 access points. It is built on Cisco's industry-leading 802.11ac portfolio.
A WLC2504 controller is provided at nominal cost, complete
with 25 access point licenses-included with purchase of any SKU containing two access points.
Setup takes just a few minutes.

Productos participantes.

  • 2504 Wireless LAN Controller

  • Aironet 1700 Series Access Points

  • Aironet 2700 Series Access Points

  • Aironet 3700 Series Access Points AIR-AP1702I-x-WLC

  • AIR-AP2702I-UX-WLC

  • AIR-AP3702I-UX-WLC

Vigencia: 30 julio, 2016

Certificación mínima del partner: All registered partners


Aironet 3600 Series Access Point with 802.11ac Module Bundles

Buy Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Point bundles with the 802.11ac module and save up to 20%.

Vigencia: 30 julio, 2016

Certificación mínima del partner: All registered partners